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On arrival you will be looked after by our polite and attentive staff in our clean and comfortable facilities. You will be greeted by our reception team and will be introduced to your Health Care Assistant who will work alongside the medical team to look after your needs and ensure that you are comfortable.

If your procedure involves a general anaesthetic you will be given all the time you need to recover in a peaceful environment, under the supervision of our theatre team. We offer a choice of healthy meals and snacks from our in-house menu. Facilities include private shower room, bedside digital TV and free Wi-Fi access.

Before you are discharged our team will ensure that you are fully informed about any medication you need to take. Harley Street Specialist Hospital has a pharmacy onsite that enables us to provide you with all your prescribed medications before you leave. We will also provide assistance in planning transport home and provide you with details on who to contact for follow-up appointments after leaving the centre.


Harley Street Specialist Hospital is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment, where patients and staff can be confident that best practice is being followed at all times. The safety of everyone is of paramount importance. There is a Safeguarding Officer and safeguarding procedures in place for adults and children at Harley Street Specialist Hospital.


HSSH offers chaperones for patients examined or treated at Harley Street Specialist Hospital.

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